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The Impact-App which empowers YOU to actively tackle the global waste disaster and playfully change the world.
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Efficiency, connection and sustainability: Our smart solutions create value for all participants of the Circular Economy.
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A sustainable future starts with its youngest members. The base is to educate and lean into a sustainable future and a circular economy.
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Become a Circular City and interact with your citizens on the next level. Waste education, guidance and litter prevention made easy.
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The world needs your products - but they should be produced sustainably. We help you to analyze your products and optimize your ecological footprint.
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WE all know It takes a citizen Movement to solve the global waste disaster

the perfect solution for your need

You want to make an impact by creating a sustainable planet?

You want to increase recycling rates of materials?

You want to create a sustainable eco-system?

We from the fortunate planet help you to find the perfect solution in order to revolutionize together how we manage waste around the world. Let’s create a citizen movement for a sustainable planet and change loop-closed consumer behavior or we show you simply how everyone can make a positive impact for our future. 


Everybody can have an impact on a sustainable future. Be a part of the movement and change the world – playfully

Learn more about our app. How does it work and what is it about? Click on the button below, and we show you everything you need. Download the app and become a member of the fortunate planet family


Interact with citizens on another level. We are your software partner for app based engagement activities that enables you a direct communication and leaner operations management processes

Let us show you the possibilities with the help of our digital solutions. How can we help your company to get a better recycling rate and a higher success in the whole circular waste system


A playful education is the base for a sustainable future

Learn more bout our project in schools. Become a part with your school in order to help raise the awareness of a full working circular economy. All of that with the help of one App. Find out more below


Become a full functional Circular City. Connect all your important stakeholders for an optimized waste management system in your local eco-system

We create your individual Circular City Dashboard to make your city greener, smarter and your eco-system more sustainable. Let us show you a digitized way to become an impact creator of a sustainable future, starting by creating together a Circular City – think global, act local


Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) made easy. Change consumer behaviour by guiding consumers to correct waste disposals in a trackable way with our individual producer solutions

Together, we create the base of a sustainable business. Helping you to understand how to use limited planetary resources and guiding you into the circular economy process

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Fortunate thinking pays off

Circular Economy Award WINNER 2021

Recycling Day competition: The best start-ups in the circular economy

BDE, BDSV and VDM awarded prizes to the best start-ups in the circular economy on World Recycling Day


Berlin, Düsseldorf, 19.03.2021: On the occasion of the international World Recycling Day on 18 March 2021, the BDE Bundesverband der Deutschen Entsorgungs-, Wasser- und Rohstoffwirtschaft e. V. (Federal Association of the German Waste Management, Water and Raw Materials Industry), the Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Stahlrecycling- und Entsorgungsunternehmen e. V. (Federal Association of German Steel Recycling and Waste Management Companies). (BDSV) and the Verband Deutscher Metallhändler e. V. (Association of German Metal Traders). (VDM) awarded the best start-ups in the circular economy on Thursday……

A citizen movement for a sustainable planet – the fortunate planet.












The Fortunate Planet

Empowering sustainable ecosystems.

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