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Alone or in a group – make the circular economy and climate protection a reality with our applications.

Who are we?

We are accelerating the transition towards a Circular Economy by developing digital solutions for a sustainable planet and more efficient material resource management. We are digital experts when it comes to the question how to create sustainable movements within your organisation by leveraging the power of community.

Within that spectrum we are developing digital solutions like e.g. mobile applications or other software which helps you to create every day little actions for the planet within your group.

With our newest app TFP: the fortunate planet, we have developed a sustainability app that empowers everyone to integrate sustainable behaviour into everyday life and to dispose of waste correctly to make a Circular Economy a reality. In doing so, we are jointly building the largest network of waste drop-off points, incentivising every environmentally friendly action in the app and connecting all stakeholders of a smart city with each other.”

Where to find our platform

Why do we do it?

The world generates 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste annually, with at least 33 percent of that—extremely conservatively—not managed in an environmentally safe manner. Reasons for this dramatic numbers are missing education, guidance and incentivization of citizens for correct waste management.

What exactly do we do?

Everybody can have an impact

We empower citizens to make an impact on local waste management by educating, incentivizing and  guiding them with the help of our App TFP: the fortunate planet

The Fortunate Cities

With our platform we do help cities and municipalities go circular by implementing the system adapted to their needs

The Fortunate Recycler

We help to improve the linear communication of waste management in order to achieve higher recycling rates

The Fortunate Producer

Through the app, we help uncover the missing data and insights of the post-purchase packaging, creating more transparency in the circular economy

Our Fortunate Partnerships

A citizen movement for a sustainable planet – the fortunate planet.









The Fortunate Planet

Empowering sustainable ecosystems.

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