Our Values


We measure our own success by how impactful our work is. We put the user first. Always.

Work with nature

We create a symbiosis between technology and nature.


Teamwork makes the dream work.

Think big

We develop innovative solutions for worldwide challenges.

Strive for simplicity

We transform difficult problems into straight-forward solutions.


We improve constantly. We test often and fast – to learn as we go and adapt when needed.

The Team behind



The Founder. After living in Mexico and India during his MBA, working in the Recycling- and FMCG-industry he has seen both sides. Since 2019 he’s working on the concept to let the fortunate planet become step by step reality.



Mr. Experience. With more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, degrees like Dipl.-Informatiker, Dipl.-Engineer and current engagement as lecturer and PhD attendee in Computer Science, Alin has seen everything and shares his wisdom with the whole team to secure focus and timing.


iOS Lead Developer

The Architect. With his strong educational background in Computer Science and current Master in Bioinformatics, George is widely-skilled and in the team since the first line of code. In the team he’s leading the iOS- and Web-Development.


Android Lead Developer

Mr. Detail. The Master in Computer Science spends hours on details no one else noticed. In the team Victor is focused on the development of the Android mobile version and coordination with the design team.


Mobile Technical Lead

The Mobile Application Allrounder. Determined since five years to develop Android and iOS mobile applications, Cristi coordinates between both development teams and supports with expertise and hands on mentality.


Social Media Manager

Dary is responsible for all content relevant activities of the fortunate planet. With her Bachelor degree and work experience in Social Media she’s spreading positive vibes with every post to build the community.


Public Relations

The nature savior. Spending most of her free time in her garden or on events in the role as the President of WWF Thurgau, Gabrieles main goal is to protect the nature – and in that we have a common interest to share with the public.



The designer. With his creative mind Stevan is crafting the app design in purpose of finding the right balance between gamification and information elements to secure the ease of use experience for you. 

“The fortunate planet is where people and technology meet to solve global challenges – together.
In the first version of the fortunate planet application we’re changing the global waste management.
The platform empowers communities to contribute where to dispose waste correctly, add new disposal stations and track their waste disposals to improve the way we manage waste around the globe.
By harnessing the power of community, the fortunate planet can create a world where recycling rates will constantly rise.”

Pascal Ritter, Founder of the fortunate planet 

the fortunate planet
save the planet, sort your waste