We believe that everyone has an impact on a functioning circular economy – and we create the technology to make your impact visible.

We have developed the first platform including all the different parties involved in the circular economy. A platform, which integrates not only the recyclers and producers, but the consumers as well.  With the help of knowledge in all areas, our team of experts have the necessary know-how to establish our digital solutions nationally and internationally.

Award-winning solution for our customers

Our start-up was selected and honoured as Circular Economy Award Winner 2021 by the three associations BDE, BDSV and VDM.


“The fortunate planet is where people and technology meet to solve global challenges – together.
In the first version of the fortunate planet application we’re changing the global waste management.
The platform empowers communities to contribute where to dispose waste correctly, add new disposal stations and track their waste disposals to improve the way we manage waste around the globe.
By harnessing the power of community, the fortunate planet can create a world where recycling rates will constantly rise.”

Pascal, Founder 

“A citizen movement for a sustainable planet”

the fortunate planet

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