Let us make Waste Management

A mobile game

Road to be a trash Panda

  • Step 1
    Add and classify disposal stations in your area to help other users
  • Step 2
    Know where to dispose your waste correctly
  • Step 3
    Earn points for every activity and level up your avatar
  • Step 4
    Exchange your Ecocredits in order to receive prices
  • Finish
    Become a Trash Panda

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Only 58% of our recyclable waste gets recycled!

  • Global amount of plastic waste: 400 million tons (2019).
  • Global plastic recycling rate: Only 18% (2018).
  • Not recycled: 82% (328 million tons of plastic) 
  • Global amount of paper waste: 67 million tons (2017)
  • Global paper recycling rate: 72% (2019)
  • Steel cans: 66.8% (2019)
  • Ferrous scrap in cars: 106% (2019)
  • Structural steel: 98% (2019)
  • Appliances: 90% (2019)
  • Reinforcement steel: 70% (2019)

In 2019 around 538 million tons of waste were either burned, landed on a waste dump or in nature…

...and we produce every year more waste.

We’re all responsible for one of the reasons:

The effort to achieve a material purity level >80% is immense:
Most often waste gets mixed with other materials when it gets disposed.
The process to sort and separate materials to achieve a high purity level is resource intense and therefore for most recycling companies not rentable.

We need a higher recycling rate!

To achieve that we need a purity rate per waste material above 80% before it arrives at the recycler!

The Fortunate Planet
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