EcoNation Bhutan – Creating a Citizen Movement to Clean Up Bhutan’s Nature

Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Bhutan, a remarkable fact stands out – it is the world’s first carbon-negative country, exemplifying its commitment to environmental consciousness. However, even amidst this dedication, Bhutan faces an urgent waste management issue. With a recycling rate as low as 10%, the nation grapples with the responsible disposal of waste. Enter EcoNation, an ambitious citizen-led initiative aimed at revolutionizing waste management practices in this environmentally conscious nation. In this project description, we delve into the significance of EcoNation’s mission and explore how it seeks to establish Bhutan as a global leader in sustainable waste management.

The Unparalleled Environmental Commitment of Bhutan

In Bhutan, approximately 71% of the country’s land area remains covered by forests.

As the sole carbon-negative country globally, Bhutan sets an unparalleled example of environmental stewardship. A testament to its dedication to nature, the country takes comprehensive measures to preserve its pristine landscapes and reduce carbon emissions. 

Source: Bhutan Today (22nd of March 2022)

Bhutan’s forests play a vital role in capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2). They sequester an impressive 9.4 million tons of CO2. In comparison, the country’s greenhouse gas emissions stand at 3.8 million tons of CO2. This results in a net carbon sink balance of 5.6 million tons of CO2, highlighting the country’s positive contribution to mitigating carbon emissions.

Nevertheless, Bhutan encounters a waste management challenge, necessitating innovative solutions to uphold its eco-conscious legacy. EcoNation emerges as a transformative movement, harnessing Bhutan’s environmental consciousness to combat waste issues effectively.

Introducing EcoNation: A Circular Revolution

EcoNation is on a mission to make circularity commonplace in Bhutan. The project envisions a future where resources flow efficiently through the economy, reducing waste and environmental harm. By cleaning up Bhutan’s nature, the project aims to bring back valuable resources into circulation. The core idea is to empower citizens, encouraging them to be active participants in the restoration of their environment.

Local operations are led by Gyambo Nb, a local Eco-Hero, who traveled the length and breadth of the country, of the whole of Bhutan, cleaning all the districts. EcoNation focuses on conducting cleanups that make a tangible and immediate impact, leading to visible transformations across the country. Additionally, the project aims to establish a robust data infrastructure, enabling better waste management strategies based on data-driven insights.

Strategic Collaborations: Partnerships and Measurable Impact

EcoNation recognizes that collective efforts yield profound impact. Through strategic collaborations with esteemed partners like EcoEx, NKN Ventures, BlackForest Solutions, and the fortunate planet, the project garners vital support to accomplish its goals. Emphasizing the significance of measurable outcomes, EcoNation tracks key performance indicators, such as waste collected during cleanups, the frequency of cleanups held, citizen involvement, proper waste disposal at registered points, and the acquisition of new project partners. The EcoNation platform serves as a centralized hub for monitoring these metrics.

Empowering Eco-Heroes: Fostering Citizen Participation

At the heart of EcoNation lies the endeavor to empower Bhutanese citizens to become  “Eco-Heroes”. Encouraging active participation in cleanups, responsible waste disposal, and heightened awareness of waste management, the initiative nurtures a sense of environmental responsibility among citizens. EcoNation rewards participants through EcoCredits, recognizing the highest achievers as “Eco-Heroes”. These credits can be redeemed for incentives, fostering continuous engagement in eco-friendly practices.

Join us in shaping the future of Bhutan’s waste management practices and download the EcoNation App. As we build a cleaner, greener nation, together, let’s celebrate Bhutan’s status as a global leader in environmental consciousness.