Green Marketplace

What is our Green Marketplace about?

The Green Marketplace is the marketplace in “The Fortunate Planet” – app where users can exchange their collected EcoCredits for vouchers and prizes from selected partners.
From local shops to digital platforms, a variety of offers are presented with which users can reward themselves for their environmentally friendly activities. We are therefore actively and sustainably helping to improve our circular economy in the long term.
Since users only receive EcoCredits for recycling-friendly activities, the logic behind this is clear: the more activity on the Green Marketplace, the better for the environment! And that is our goal.


Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

Are you looking for a sustainable platform or do you want to promote your sustainable project and share it with the right community? Together with you, we are creating a global movement for a better circular economy.

No matter if you are a young startup or an established company – we develop an idea that only together can take us further.

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