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About the App

You can find the App in the Apple iTunes Store or the Google Play Store!

The app is free to purchase and costs you nothing!

Simply click on your profile icon on the main screen and select your name +  your preferred picture.

You can always reset the tracking yourself by deactivating the permission of tracking via our app!

The safety of your data is always important to us! Providing the security your data needs for staying your private matter. Learn more of our Privacy Policy by clicking the link below.

By clicking on the plus icon which can be find on the lower right side of your home screen, you are able to choose the type of disposal as well as making a picture of it.Simply save your settings in order to upload it for the community.

By using our flag icon you could change and specify your position even more precisely! Click on the icon for the drag and drop function.

In order to be sure that you have spotted a correct disposal point, another user must be verifying your post by clicking your saved disposal.

Points and EcoCredits
Quick Disposal General DP 1 
Multi Dp: Quick Disposal paper 2 
Multi DP: Quick Disposal Plastic 4 
Multi Dp: Quick Disposal Metal 2 
Multi DP: Quick Disposal E-Waste 3 
Multi DP: Quick Disposal Organic 1 
Multi DP: Quick Disposal Glass 3 
Quick Disposal Specific Disposal Point: Plastic 5 
Quick Disposal Specific Disposal Point: Glass 4 
Quick Disposal Specific Disposal Point: Organic 1 
Quick Disposal Specific Disposal Point: Metal 5 
Quick Disposal Specific Disposal Point: E-Waste 5 
Quick Disposal Specific Disposal Point: Paper 3 
Spot a Disposal Point 1 
verified Trash can 24 
verify Trash can (confirm/reject) 10 

You can use the Eco Credits you collect for exciting discounts and great benefits with our partners. The Marketplace will be available from april 2021. 

There are 3 different disposal points which are differentiated on the app:

1.) General Disposal Point: General waste collection points without sorting possibility.

2.) Specific Disposal Point: These drop-off points are categorized according to materials such as: plastic, metal, paper,organic waste, electric waste or glass.

3.) Recycling points: These places include recycling companies and recycling centers. When adding them, it is important to specify the address.

The Breakdown in %:

>200 disposal options in total (20% weighted)

50 General trash cans (10% weighted)

15 Plastic (20% weighted)

10 Metal (10% weighted)

10 Paper (10% weighted)

10 Glass (10% weighted)

10 Organic (5% weighted)

5 E-Waste (15% weighted)

Look for regular updates in the store. These updates are for you and worth gold. Our updates are helping you for having a functional app. By publishing new updates on the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store we might ensure to eliminate errors and guaranty a use of the newest tools.

General Questions

Our mission is to develop an innovative app that empowers the user to solve common global problems of waste separation and recycling and to playfully start a global movement for a greener planet.

Please feel free to contact us by filling out the form below if you would like to be a part of our app with your company or your idea!

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The cute racoon likes to snoop around in the garbage, which is why he is also called “Trash Panda” and gives our new app a face to recognise.

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