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The Impact-App with the Gaming Factor for a sustainable Future - The Fortunate Planet

Let us make waste management a mobile game

The app against the global waste catastrophe

The Impact app, which gives you the opportunity to actively tackle the global waste catastrophe and change the world in a game-based way.

The impact app “The Fortunate Planet” educates about correct recycling, rewards users and documents their environmentally friendly activities in a playful way. The new search function shows the nearest disposal option for products and material types on the interactive map. In addition to recycling tips, users can also submit a rating and add products themselves.

Every piece of correct recycling counts and saves CO2. Each user collects EcoCredits for correct recycling and for adding drop-off points and products in the app. In this way, the user community creates a comprehensive, global database. The points can be exchanged directly in the app in the “Green Marketplace” for sustainable rewards from selected sponsors.

Impact Platform

Reward Platform

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How does the App work?

It is that simple!

Add Disposal Points
Add and classify disposal points in your area in order to help other user to know how to separate their waste correctly
Dispose your waste
Learn about how to dispose your waste correctly and where is the nearest disposal point. Help to create a circular economy
Report to the community if you see full or unuseful disposal points. Send a notification in order to create a better waste management

Impact Platform

Challenge your friends and participate in the community by acting eco-friendly together. Create an impact together towards a sustainable future and a modern circular economy

Together, you can have an impact of a better recycling rate and a modern and functional circular economy. A sustainable and greener future starts with you

Spot some disposal points, tell about functional disposal stations or influence the whole waste management. Yes, even you can have an impact

Reward Platform

Collect some EcoCredits for eco-friendly behaviour. Guide and invite other users to join you and become a Fortunate Ambassador

Check out the Green Marketplace and our sustainable Partners. Change your EcoCredits in order to receive some great prices and discounts

Doing good makes us feel good. Track and get rewarded. Our gaming-app makes fun and helps the Planet. We count on you to step by step change the world with us

Do you have open questions or some feedback? Get in contact with us!

You wanna know what other Trash-Pandas are saying?

Klasse durchdachte App, damit Müll gar nicht erst in der Natur landet. Ich sehe hier großes Potenzial, um unsere jüngere Generation zu mehr Umweltbewusstsein zu bewegen, da die App wie ein Spiel aufgebaut ist. Pokémon go war gestern, hier kommt ein "Spiel" in der Natur, von dem zur Abwechslung die Natur profitiert. Ich freu mich auf die vielen neuen Funktionen, bis dahin werde ich schonmal viele Mülleimer spotten.
Beatrice M.
It is an easy to use app. It will go a long way in helping us keep our environment tidy.
Moses A.
A very good idea. Congrats!
Jean S.
Coole Sache und spielerisch gelöst! Ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung für eine nachhaltige Entsorgung!
Marius K.
Great app! ✌


Only 58% of our recyclable waste gets recycled!

  • Global amount of plastic waste: 400 million tons (2019).
  • Global plastic recycling rate: Only 18% (2018).
  • Not recycled: 82% (328 million tons of plastic) 
  • Global amount of paper waste: 67 million tons (2017)
  • Global paper recycling rate: 72% (2019)
  • Steel cans: 66.8% (2019)
  • Ferrous scrap in cars: 106% (2019)
  • Structural steel: 98% (2019)
  • Appliances: 90% (2019)
  • Reinforcement steel: 70% (2019)

In 2019 around 538 million tons of waste were either burned, landed on a waste dump or in nature…

...and we produce every year more waste.

We’re all responsible for one of the reasons:

The effort to achieve a material purity level >80% is immense:
Most often waste gets mixed with other materials when it gets disposed.
The process to sort and separate materials to achieve a high purity level is resource intense and therefore for most recycling companies not rentable.

We need a higher recycling rate!

To achieve that we need a purity rate per waste material above 80% before it arrives at the recycler!

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