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The Impact-App with the Gaming Factor for a sustainable Future - The Fortunate Planet

Let us make waste management a mobile game

The app against the global waste catastrophe

The Impact app, which gives you the opportunity to actively tackle the global waste catastrophe and change the world in a game-based way.

The impact app “The Fortunate Planet” educates about correct recycling, rewards users and documents their environmentally friendly activities in a playful way. The new search function shows the nearest disposal option for products and material types on the interactive map. In addition to recycling tips, users can also submit a rating and add products themselves.

Every piece of correct recycling counts and saves CO2. Each user collects EcoCredits for correct recycling and for adding drop-off points and products in the app. In this way, the user community creates a comprehensive, global database. The points can be exchanged directly in the app in the “Green Marketplace” for sustainable rewards from selected sponsors.

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